West Vancouver Real Estate: A Look Into the Exquisite Lifestyle of the People

West Vancouver real estate agent Amir Miri

The scenic town of West Vancouver sits across the Lion’s Gate Bridge and stretches along a 28-kilometer shoreline bounded by water on both sides. This makes most homes for sale in West Vancouver waterfront properties with stunning views of Horseshoe Bay and Capilano River Valley. As an area, West Vancouver is the wealthiest municipality in Canada and also one of the best to live in. Let’s look at what it means to live in a waterfront home in this stunning area.

West Vancouver Luxury Real Estate

As you search for luxury homes with West Vancouver real estate agent Amir Miri, you will quickly discover that this is a unique market. West Vancouver homes complement the municipality’s status as Canada’s wealthiest perfectly. Luxury homes are grand, fully equipped with modern amenities, and set on expansive lots. This perhaps explains why they feature the highest price points in the country.

Single-unit homes are the most common property type in the area, with prices starting at $4 million Canadian. This is steep compared to the average sale price of a non-luxury home, which is just over $1.25 million Canadian. Luxury homes are also varied. For homebuyers who don’t want the stress of owning a single-family unit, West Vancouver features condo towers with panoramic views of the ocean. Some of these buildings are up to 30 stories high.

Waterfront Homes in West Vancouver

Waterfront Homes in West Vancouver

West Vancouver is bordered on both sides by water and has no industrial zoning. This places all the homes in close proximity to the water, and most of the properties are waterfront. Depending on your needs and budget, you can find a small condo on the shoreline or a multi-million-dollar waterfront estate right on the water.

Most neighborhoods in this area are affluent, but Radcliffe Avenue and British Properties feature the most luxurious waterfront properties. The latter is a master-planned community developed in 1931 that boasts some of the finest living options in West Vancouver.

Waterfront homes in the municipality are ideally placed amidst many modern amenities. West Vancouver is famous for its prime scuba diving, boating, and swimming spots and salmon fishing culture. For boat lovers, the area has several world-class marina facilities and waterfront parks.

Living in a West Vancouver Waterfront Home

Waterfront homes in West Vancouver stand out for their luxury and amenities. But, they are like any other beach home – they require a lot of care. Waterfront estates are vulnerable to wear because of their proximity to water and the elements. Homeowners need to stain their decks and paint their homes regularly, especially during rainy seasons and winter storms. You also need a generator for constant energy supply and to keep your pipes from freezing during winter.

Despite the hassle, West Vancouver waterfront homes are perpetually in high demand. Homes in the area tend to appreciate in value even more than homes outside the municipality. This makes purchasing a home here a great investment. Waterfront properties also command high rental prices in case you need to get away from the water for a while.

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