Reasons to Love Living in Aspen

Aspen is a city located in the mountainous region of the Rocky Sawatch Ranges and Elk Mountains in the U.S. This city has a population of around seven thousand people and is mostly famous for its culture and variety of people. If you contemplate relocating to the Aspen area, you may wonder what makes it so special. This article highlights five reasons why you will love living in this city.

World-Class Ski Destination

Aspen is a popular ski town with some of the world’s most lavish resorts, challenging ski terrain, and some of the best apres ski. The ski resorts in this city are unlike any other in the United States. It drips magnificence and luxury, with the ski resorts producing an allure in the winter. Boasting over four thousand five hundred acres of mountainous regions makes Aspen ideal for skiing and snowboarding. Here, experienced skiers and snowboarders face new challenges and delight as they face this unfamiliar terrain.

 Plenty of Events and Entertainment

Aspen is a small community that hosts many entertainment events for its inhabitants. During winter, several snow sports are held in the mountains. Such is the famous Winter X Games, that’s held in January. These events attract many tourists and world-renowned athletes to this city. There are also several winter celebrations, such as Gay Pride, Winterskol, and Ski Classic. You can also check out The Apres Ski Classic that celebrate the city’s love for snowboarding and skiing, with pub crawls, award-winning mixology and amazing events that showcases the innovative and creative bar scene in Aspen.

Outdoor Paradise

Besides being a perfect skiing destination, Aspen offers convenient access to the world’s most gorgeous outdoor areas and landscape reserves. It is located in the Rocky Mountains, hence easy access to its national park and many other state jungles. It provides ground for hiking, mountain biking, climbing, paddleboarding, kayaking, and other outdoor sports. This city is luxurious, hosting a variety of golf courses and clubhouses. The outdoor scenery is stunning due to its endless options for enjoyment.

Top Rated Schools

One of the aspects people consider before moving their families to another city is education in the area. The city has some of the top-rated schools in the region served by the Aspen School District, with private and public options. Students have plenty of opportunities to join clubs that allow them to enjoy outdoor games such as hiking and skiing. Some Private school options in Aspen include Wildwood School and Aspen Country Day School.

A Vibrant Arts and Culture Scene

Every year, the city hosts numerous cultural festivities. Belly Up Aspen features a variety of acts, including the Aspen Music Festival and jazz and alternative music. It features works of historical and contemporary art from regional and worldwide artists. Aspen is also home to some of the most upscale shopping and dining experiences, with top-notch eateries and inventive chefs contributing innovative cuisine. This makes the city enjoyable both at night and during the day.

Find Your Dream Home in Aspen with Carrie Wells

Aspen is a highly liveable city featuring good schools, diverse culture and arts, a wide range of sporting activities, and exemplary scenery. If you are convinced about moving to this city, hiring an experienced Aspen realtor can help you navigate the Aspen real estate market seamlessly. Carrie Wells has years of experience in the Aspen housing market and has helped many clients own a home in this area. Reach out today for more information.