Luxury in Boerne: Discover the Elements of Distressed Kitchen Cabinets That Give Them Their Rustic Elegant Charm

Living in Boerne is a heavenly experience for any homeowner who enjoys modern amenities set in a country-like community. Located in the Texas Hill Country, Boerne is a small community of 19,000 residents with all the rustic charm of an old village. It was once home to Prussian and German immigrants and maintains an old-world feel and influences from these cultures. In carrying over this theme, many homeowners endow their kitchens with distressed cabinets. Here are five elements of these fittings that give them the rustic, homey charm Boerne residents love.

Sanded Corners and Chiseled Edges

In the Boerne homes for sale where the traditional rustic style dominates, you will often find kitchen cabinets with sanded corners or chiseled edges. Sanded corners are created by rounding over the lines of the cabinet profile, specifically the corners of raised door panels and external door corners. Sanded corners will usually range in size, depending on how distressed you want your cabinet to look. On the other hand, chiseled edges are created by creating small divots along the edges of the cabinet, chiseling off small pieces, and then lightly sanding the edges. They create a worn look without leaving your kitchen cabinets exposed to wear and tear and other forms of damage.

Sanded or Filed Edges

Sanded edges are similar to sanded corners, except the manufacturer sands more than the cabinet corners and extends this feature to all the edges. In most cases, the manufacturer also sands some sections more than others to create the appearance of randomness and long-term wear. They may even file random indents into the edges of the doors with a hand file. These indents are usually filed 1 to 2 inches apart in random numbers to create a more visual impression. 

Dents, Cracks, and Marks

The manufacturer will usually create dents in your kitchen cabinet by hitting the surface of the profile with a specially designed-chain. The chain produces dent-like marks on the cabinet surface in completely randomized patterns. The idea here is to make the cabinet look used and banged up without compromising its structural integrity. Similar to this, distressed cabinets may also feature marks and cracks, typically positioned near the door joint. 

Tiny Holes and Screw Patterns

In trying to create unique patterns, manufacturers will sometimes create groups of tiny holes on the surface of a distressed cabinet. The holes are designed to make the wood look like bark from a tree that had worms burrow through it. The diameter, number, and spacing of the holes are usually random. And for homeowners that don’t like this aesthetic, the holes can be made to look more “man-made” by creating them with a lag screw and hammer. This element is often used sparingly because too much can make the cabinet look old and raggedy rather than distressed and rustic.

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