How Can You Keep Your House Safe From Pests?

It is simple for ants, spiders, cockroaches, and rodents to get inside your home and possibly do harm. Consequently, it is best to stop pest issues before they start rather than reacting to them once they have infiltrated your property. Take these easy steps to make your home pest-free. Additionally, you can also call pest control in San Antonio, TX to receive further assistance.

How can you keep your house safe from pests?

  • Deep clean your house.

Regularly vacuum your interiors, take out any hanging cobwebs or pest droppings, and do not allow clutter to accumulate. Keeping the area beneath the bed, refrigerator, lofts, and other difficult-to-reach places clean will help prevent the attraction of pests, as they typically breed in unclean, disorganized, damp, and dark spaces. Mop and dust every nook and cranny in your house.

  • Empty the trash cans.

Use a wet and dry trash can for disposing of waste and clean the dustbin on a regular basis.

  • Look for any leaks.

Given that food and water are what pests primarily need to survive, many search for dark, wet spots within homes. As a result, look for damp walls, leaks in indoor and outdoor pipes, seeping pipes beneath sinks, and dripping faucets in the house, and fix them right away. Since stagnant water is where mosquitoes breed, there should not be any standing water near the house.

  • Maintain a clean kitchen.

After meals, make an effort to clean the kitchen, including the floors, countertops, and cabinets. Store all kitchen ingredients in sealed bags and avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. Regularly check and clean the floor and sink drains because they gather a lot of waste and food debris, which draws insects and pests. Make your own drain cleaner by mixing vinegar and baking soda; this will cause a foaming reaction that will clear out any blockages in the drain. Wipe all counters and clean all silverware.

  • Cover the holes and cracks.

Keep up with routine maintenance to ensure that all wall fissures are sealed. There should not be any spaces between the wall and the door or window frame because these are possible entry points for termites, pests, and tiny insects. Seal off the spaces around exhaust fan openings, ducts, and utility pipelines.

  • Trim outdoor plants.

Trim any plants or bushes that lean outside the house on a regular basis, as they can serve as a conduit for pests entering the house from the outside.

  • Call pest control services.

Aim for pest control no less than once a year as a preventive measure. Insect repellents and bait traps are additional do-it-yourself options for getting rid of pests.