Gardening in Toronto: 4 Types of Grass for Your Lawn and How to Grow Them

While the competitive real estate market may keep some buyers away, Toronto is a wonderful place to live in. The welcoming communities, vibrant economy, low crime rates, efficient public services, and overall high quality of life make it any homebuyer’s dream destination. And with warmer winters than you will find anywhere else in Canada, Toronto is also a great place to plant a stunning lawn that draws people to your home. As you search for your new Toronto home, here is a list of four types of grass you can successfully grow in this semi-continental city.  

Kentucky Bluegrass

Many Toronto luxury real estate properties feature the all-popular Bluegrass. Also known as Kentucky Bluegrass, this grass variety is a staple of northern homes thanks to its ability to withstand and thrive in cooler temperatures. Bluegrass grows well from both seed and sod and produces canoe-shaped blades in a dark blue-green color that homeowners love. It is often combined with fine fescue and ryegrass and looks best at a height of between 2 1⁄2′ and 3¼’, although it does not grow well in high-traffic areas. While hardy, Kentucky Bluegrass does not like the shade and requires regular watering. It is pest and disease-resistant.


This deep green fine-textured grass is named for the fact that its blades begin to bend at a height of a few inches. Another popular lawn option in the northern states, Bentgrass is common on golf courses due to its soft texture and low growth potential. Its saturated color makes it a good option for home lawns, but its maintenance requirements are very high, and the grass could be unsuitable for beginners or busy homeowners. As a dense variety, Bentgrass is fussy and requires a lot of fertilizer, fungicide, and mowing. 

Fine Fescue

Often mixed with Kentucky Bluegrass and Ryegrass, Fine Fescue is a variety of the fescue grass family. The grass has characteristic needle-like blades that are extremely soft. Fine Fescue grows well in cool conditions and can even thrive in the shade, which makes it a great option for Toronto homesteads. Like Kentucky Bluegrass, it looks and feels best when kept at below 3¼’ height. Fine Fescue also requires frequent watering, but not until the soil is soggy. Unlike Bentgrass, it is resistant to foot traffic and can withstand a busy home. 

Perennial Ryegrass

Another grass variety often mixed with Fine Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass, Perennial Ryegrass is a northern favorite, especially in Toronto and other northern states. It has a characteristic dark green glossy color and is fine textured with shallow roots. Because of this, Perennial Ryegrass requires consistent watering. It germinates fast and grows fast and well both in the shade and in full sunlight. In addition to being disease-resistant, it is also tolerant to high traffic.

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